Establishment of TESOL – Ho Chi Minh Association (TESOL – HCMC)

Mon Feb 20 2638 Views

TESOL – Ho Chi Minh City Association (TESOL – HCMC) formed by the People Committee of Ho Chi Minh City on 1st December, 2006 is one of the pioneer organisations in the field of researching and teaching English language.

Having updated with recent accomplishments as well as practical experiences in teaching discipline from regions in the vinicity and the globe, TESOL – HCMC Association plays an important role in improving and enhancing the quality of teaching in teaching English by consolidating knowledge in teaching methods and assessment criteria.

The regular held TESOL Talk is also a subject that is concerned by many lecturers, teachers and learners in Vietnam and other places in the world. Speakers from reputable universities, such as Cambridge, RMIT etc. together with leading specialists gather to inspire and to discuss the frequent and unsolved issues in teaching and learning English. These events are the chances for teachers and learners to share and exchange their invaluable experiences in order to strengthen the pedagogic community.

Therefore, the establishment of TESOL – HCMC Association marked a great milestone in the development of teaching and learning English language in Vietnam.

(Source: Tuoitre newspaper.)