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On the morning of January 22nd, 2022, Ho Chi Minh City TESOL Association in collaboration with Horizon TESOL co-organized the webinar titled TEACHING ELEMENTARY MATH AND SCIENCE IN ENGLISH: OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES and a special Graduation Ceremony in Microsoft Teams platform. This virtual event welcomed the participation of approximately 300 attendees across the regions in Vietnam.


The program had the honor to welcome guests: Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc – Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City TESOL Association with the opening remarks. Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Dong Hai from the prestigious Tennessee Wesleyan University and Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Hang (MSc) – International High School Programs Coordinator at Stemhouse Education came as the keynote speakers of the webinar. Also, contributing to the success of the event is the presence of valued lecturers of Horizon TESOL, TESOL course graduates and around 300 participants.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc gave a congratulatory speech to the graduates with a view to instill confidence and motivation into students so that they can proceed their educational career with inspiration after making efforts pursuing their dream during the course.


Following the program was an online seminar on teaching science subjects in English (STEM) with the theme TEACHING ELEMENTARY MATH AND SCIENCE IN ENGLISH: OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES. Mr. Nguyen Dong Hai (Assoc. Prof. PhD) and Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Hang (MSc) have jointly analyzed the approaches of teaching Maths and Science in English in Vietnam, the required qualifications for a STEM teacher, possible classroom modes and crucial teaching techniques. The two speakers also introduced the participants about the STEM training program for teachers organized by Ho Chi Minh City TESOL association and Horizon TESOL in 2022. The last section of the program in which useful sharing about best software and online resources for teaching STEM in the Industry 4.0 were discussed and highly appreciated by the participants with engaging interaction and questions from attendees related to the webinar’s theme. More topics were also mentioned in terms of teaching orientation and courses on STEM teaching methods for TESOL students, classroom management skills and methods to encourage students’ learning autonomy.



After the break was the Graduation Ceremony for TESOL LIVE classes. These were undoubtedly extremely special and unforgettable moments for each of the TESOL student as it marked their remarkable success on their teaching path. The ceremony took place in a very heady and exciting atmosphere with the attendance of both lecturers and students from TESOL LIVE 05 to LIVE 11. The lecturers of Horizon TESOL also joined the event till the last minutes. This was the moment when they celebrated the achievement of their trainees and witnessed their growth after the hardworking and effortful journey during the course. They also took their time to send their congratulations, touching messages and inspirational encouragement to their beloved students. These enthusiastic words were certainly a great source of spiritual encouragement to help students become more confident in their career path as a teacher.


The graduation ceremony was then followed by the speeches of the students. Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Binh, who was a student of TESOL Live 05 class shared her thought. Although she had to experience geographical challenges and interacted with her lecturer and classmates through screens instead of the face-to-face communication, she still felt the strong bond with everyone as a big family. This TESOL Live course has helped her, and her classmates gain more confidence and strength to grow stronger in the future. Mr. Ho Nguyen Ngoc Bach, a student of TESOL Live 09, sent his deepest gratitude to all Horizon TESOL staff for their great support during the course. He admitted that he was very shy before taking the course and did not believe that he would get the Best Student result. However, the dedication of the teachers as well as the staff changed his mind. The course provided him with not only the knowledge but also the skills and confidence he needed for his future career. Ms. Pham Hai Quy, student of TESOL Live 06, especially thanked Horizon TESOL for providing a quality yet flexible TESOL program with specific and enthusiastic guidance, which is very suitable for those who work and study like her, especially during a stressful pandemic season. She did not worry about her studies being interrupted and still maintained her health robust.


Best Engagement và Best Student của TESOL Live 05


Best Engagement và Best Student của TESOL Live 06


Best Engagement và Best Student của TESOL Live 07


Best Engagement và Best Student của TESOL Live 08


Best Engagement và Best Student của TESOL Live 09


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Best Engagement và Best Student của TESOL Live 11

At the end of the seminar and the Graduation Ceremony, everyone took photo together and shared the joyful moment of the incoming new year that marked a memorable milestone in the students’ English teaching career. After the ceremony, each student of Horizon TESOL will certainly approach new paths to spectacular success in 2022. Horizon TESOL hopes that the information shared during the seminar will support students to develop their teaching expertise in the future. Furthermore, the Center also hopes that the knowledge, experience as well as valuable time with the TESOL Live course will help all the course trainees with confidence and inspire them to study with excitement, enthusiasm and best achievement.