Becoming an English Teacher with the comprehensive TESOL Course

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On the morning of October 30th, 2021, a special graduation ceremony of “English teachers” from the Live Interactive TESOL  courses was organized by Horizon TESOL with the online format, marking a proud journey of both “TESOL trainers and course participants”.

As these TESOL classes started during the peak of COVID-19 epidemic with students from all over Vietnam and also abroad, all have been responsive to adapt to the situation with the spirit: “turning challenges into chances” when taking advantage of the time at home to equip themselves with new skills and expertise for their teaching career. Meanwhile, Horizon TESOL also rapidly applies technology to turn the conventional TESOL training programs to an online platform while ensuring that students receive the full experience, knowledge, skills and inspiration.

A Complete Graduation Ceremony for Comprehensive TESOL Course 

Although trainers and course participants in the Live Interactive TESOL programs had found themselves comfortable with using electronic devices and the internet to communicate in the “virtual” classroom, the experience of being nominated to earn a diploma during the graduation ceremony brought an unforgettable memory to the students and their families, filling them with pride and astonishment. 

Ms. Vu Thi Thu Thuy, a student of TESOL Live 01 course, from Hanoi, shared: “I feel very honored to be able to attend the course at Horizon TESOL. I am very surprised that all the learning materials, lectures, supporting applications and the way the trainers communicate are operated very smoothly in the online form. I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from motivated trainers, which has given me the confidence to pursue a career as an English teacher in the future. And it is impossible not to mention the maximum support from the teaching assistants and staff of the center. I believe that the knowledge I have learned will be my preparation and foundation to become a professional English teacher in the future. Special thanks to Mr. Ton, Mr. Huy and Horizon TESOL, wish us all to overcome the pandemic safely.”

Ms. Vu Thi Thu Thuy is currently living and working in Hanoi

A special student of TESOL Live 02 class, Bhante Tran Huu An from Singapore, shared emotionally: “The eminent philosopher Aristotle once said that “the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”. Today, I believe you all agree on this statement. Two months of the TESOL Live course is not long but it is more than enough to equip us with knowledge, skills and experience for our teaching career. This is definitely not your first graduation. However, today is a special morning, because we all attend the online graduation ceremony amid the serious COVID-19 situation. At first glance, we are separate, but NO, we are together, we are one collective. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Horizon TESOL, for giving me the wonderful opportunity to attend the course without the need of returning to Vietnam. On behalf of the students, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the trainers of Horizon, especially Mr. Huy, Ms. Anna, and Mr. James. I only have three adjectives to describe the trainers: knowledgeable, dedicated and inspirational. Horizon TESOL is really the best of my own choices to help open up a new path for myself. I highly appreciate the center from the service to the quality of teaching. The staff are extremely enthusiastic to help with almost any difficulty I encountered. Finally, for my classmates, after today, we will begin our journey in different directions. This course will be an unforgettable memory for us. The course has equipped us with the tools, skills and knowledge to face the teaching challenges ahead. “Whatever you do, do it with your heart!” 

Bhante Tran Huu An is studying for a master’s degree in Buddhist Studies in Singapore.

On behalf of TESOL Live 03 students speaking at the Graduation Ceremony, Tran Dang Hoang Phuong – an international student from New Zealand, shared his feelings: “Although I have just graduated from high school, I want to experience the real world as well as accumulate more professional knowledge in the field of teaching, so I decided to attend the course at Horizon TESOL. The course not only provided me with in-depth academic knowledge, but also brought me a lot of experience from the perspective of a lecturer. Especially for hands-on learning, I have received the support, encouragement and dedicated guidance of the trainers in the 3 modules of the course. Really, I would like to express my sincerest thanks to the trainers and staff at the center for always enthusiastically supporting and answering all my questions so that I could complete the course in the fullest and the most effective way. At the same time, I would like to thank Horizon TESOL for organizing such a wonderful course for us during the pandemic because I understand doing everything online these days is extremely difficult and stressful. You guys did a great job with enthusiastic and friendly support. Finally, I would like to extend my best wishes to everyone on the journey ahead.”

Mr. Tran Dang Hoang Phuong joined the TESOL course from New Zealand

An excellent student of the LIVE 04 class, Ms. Phan Dieu Thu Ha, although very busy with work, also took time to share her feelings about the complete experience she had gone through: “When starting this course, I feel quite self-deprecating because I am the oldest in my class and have never experienced teaching apart from once teaching English for my sister, but my parents eventually let her study in a “professional” English center. Fortunately, I was able to enroll in a TESOL class with the utmost support from both the trainers and my classmates. Otherwise, I think it is difficult for me to complete the course, not to mention gaining the title of “excellent student”. I really enjoyed the way the trainers were wholeheartedly conveyed. Mr. Vu must have spent hours and hours researching to simplify the explanation of academic terms and complex concepts like Behaviorism, Cognitivism, GTM, ALM, DM, CLT. Mr. Ton’s valuable lessons are drawn from many years of practical teaching experience with lots of examples and situations that help me develop a suitable teaching method for any skills. Finally, it was the lovely Pierre. Through fun activities, I understand how to effectively manage the classroom, handle the situation and make the class livelier than ever. The dedication and professionalism of the trainers are an inspiration and valuable experience for those who are just taking the first steps on their English teaching career path. I really appreciate all the wonderful experiences from the course, from the staff and from the excellent trainers of the center.” 

Ms. Phan Dieu Thu Ha arranged her work to attend this special graduation. 

In the current situation, teaching or organizing graduation ceremony online has become an inevitable trend. Students and trainers can be anywhere or any province in the world and gather in one class to share and absorb knowledge, accompany and develop together. Although the TESOL Live course is just remote learning, it blurs the geographical distance, allowing students to acquire the same knowledge and skills regardless of where they are. Horizon TESOL with all its efforts wants to provide high-quality programs that will provide students with a wealth of information and practical skills to help them develop a successful teaching career in the future.

If you want to attend an online course to improve your teaching skills and learn teaching methods for both online and offline teaching implications, please do not hesitate to contact Horizon TESOL to be your companion.